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- Students register for the season that runs from 8/14/2023 to 6/22/2024

- Yearly tuition is to be paid every month in11 installments.

- Tuition is due the first day of each month by autopayment through the families portal unless a different form of payment is received in advanced.
- Tuition is non-refundable.

- Students enroll for the season and we don't offer tuition cancelation.
-There will be no refunds or pro-rating for missed classes. Students may make up this classes anytime during the

season if applicable.

- Proper attendance is expected from every student and consider essential for a proper training.

-Forms of payment:

Payments accepted through the parents portal or sending a check, Zelle or Venmo before the first day of each month. If no payment is received before due date, the payment will be automatically processed.

Payments through the portal are protected by sysnet.

- All of the students will participate in at least one performance per season. These performances have additional costs.
There will be additional charges in order to rent/buy costumes, theater expenses, choreographer and rehearsals.


- We follow a pick up-drop off rule due to the limited space inside the studio. We don't allow family members or friends to enter the dance room. Only those parents of Pre-ballet students will be allowed to wait in the office.

- L&M BALLET is responsible of all level placements and it goes by age and level. We follow a technical program that sets goals for every year and it's important to follow the whole process to achieve good results.

- Attendance is very important to participate in shows and competitions. If, by any chance, a student misses a class, please inform us before that class and we will provide possible make up dates. We strongly ask to all of the families to respect the schedule they signed up for in order to achieve improvement.

- Uniform, hair and proper attire are mandatory at all times and for all levels.


-Payment is required at the moment of the reservation in order to book a spot.

-We respectfully request 24 hours notice or more to cancel a private class. Missed or cancelled classes with less than 24 hours notice will be charged.

-Please note that private lessons rates have changed. Ask the office for more information

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